How to get to Lapta

     North Cyprus is reachable via most airports from the U.K, and many countries in Europe. You can fly into Ercan, Larnaca or Paphos and arrange a transfer to Lapta. You could also hire a car directly from the airport, and drive here using signposts. Lapta will not have sign posts on the South of Cyprus – you should head for Nicosia.You will have to give your passport to cross to the North at the border, if you fly into Larnaca or Paphos. From the boarder you should follow the roads into Girne (Kyrenia) and then through Alsancak to Lapta.
     Once in Lapta, most hotels are easily accessible, located in the main part of Lapta – The Lapta Strip. If you get lost and cannot find your hotel, you can easily pull over and ask someone, because they will more than likely be able to direct you in the correct direction.
     Once in the correct place, Lapta is an easy place to get to know and you will be able to get around easily. If you don’t have a car you can get around via a bus (dolmuş) you can get from the main road regularly
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