Holidays in Lapta

     If you choose to come on holiday to North Cyprus, one of the most popular places to stay is Lapta. It has everything you need, from a wide selection of hotels, bars and restaurants to beaches and aqua parks. Lapta is fully equipped to allow each guest to choose how to make their holiday perfect, almost as if Lapta has been made for you. Despite the activities and great availability of choice, the area has remained very natural. You can spot some of the most breath taking views from your very own hotel room.
     North Cyprus is still relatively undeveloped so wildlife has flourished, with on average 250 species of birds visiting the island every year on their journey from East to West. There is also an abundance of lizards, wild donkeys and butterflies. There is 19 endemic species of butterfly alone, including the strangely-shaped festoon and colourful Cleopatra. They are all part of a rich natural heritage on an island of contrasts that spans from the top of Mount Selvili's 3000 feet peak, to the gentle slopes of the coastal waters, where the famous loggerhead turtles come ashore to lay their eggs every year. If you are lucky enough to be on holiday in North Cyprus during the summer months, you may even be able to witness the hatching of these famous turtles, as part of the Turtle Project to protect the endangered species. It is a once in a life time experience so don’t miss out.
   Everything in Lapta is very easy to reach, mainly it is all located in bundles, allowing holiday makers – usually without a car – to travel to somewhere via bus or taxi and be able to do almost anything they desire. Lapta is also a prime location to get a bus to Girne (one of the main towns in Cyprus) and spend the day exploring the shops, restaurants and the ever so famous harbour.

     With miles of unspoilt coastline, North Cyprus boasts some of the best beaches and exquisite sights in the Mediterranean basin. People coming to holiday in North Cyprus will drive along the coast to explore as many small coves, beaches and ancient churches as possible. Or some prefer to choose one heavenly place, such as a beach or poolside to soak in the sun, swim in the crystal clear waters, or rent one of the many boats or kayaks to explore the coastline