Lapta coastal walk

     For those days when it promises a nice sunny day, as well a reasonable temperature you can go for a wander along the coastal walk. Where there was nothing but sharp rocks, there is now a lovely cemented path complete with rails to prevent adventure seeking children from falling down. Many wooden benches invite people to sit down for a while and enjoy the sea and it’s never ending music, whilst rubbish bins invite them not to throw anything down into the water or onto the rocks.
     The path is not long yet, perhaps 2 km starting between blocks of flats and ending at the bay where the restaurant Sardunya is waiting to serve the thirsty and hungry.
     It is only phase one of the project, there will be more kilometres to follow, leading as far as the holiday village area in Lapta. Let us close our eyes and dream what the area might look like once it is finished. Trees and flowers along the path, some kiosks most probably, it could develop into a nice promenade along the sea.
     The project was financed by the EU and their sign, blue with the circle of stars, will lead you to it. Coming from Kyrenia, you pass the road leading to Lambousa Hotel, about another 2-3 km you will find the blue EU Sign on the right hand side, also the road that takes you to the restaurant Olive Press; you go down this road, turn left and right again and straight down to the coast; there you can leave the car and go walking or jogging along the inviting path.