Lapta Region
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The gorgeous view of the turquoise sea on one side, and a spectacular Mountain View on the other, is just one of the reasons why Lapta is the place for you. Lapta is located 14km (9 miles) off the coast of the well-known harbour in Girne (Kyrenia). It isn’t far away from one of the main towns in North Cyprus, making it a good location if you don’t wish to be in the busy of a town centre, but close enough to visit whenever you may please without any travelling hassle.
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Facilities in Lapta
There is a lot to do in the Lapta Region
  1. Beaches
    Lapta boasts some of the world’s most beautiful Mediterranean beaches, flowing down the entire coast of the Island. The warm sea is always inviting.
  2. Cycling around Lapta
    Cycling routes around the Lapta region provide some of the most unique views. Weather you go for a leisurely ride or a fierce uphill cycle, you shouldn’t miss out on this experience.
  3. Walking around Lapta
    Wander out of your hotel into the amazing scenes Lapta offers. From beach and mountain views, to a historical stroll through the villages. It will be completely worth your time.
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